Alabama Chanin Weekend Workshop – Part 3



Inspiration is everywhere at Alabama Chanin.  Vintage/antique quilts that they have repaired and recorded stories on hang on the walls.DSC_0658 Even the cushions on the chairs are full of beautiful details!DSC_0661 The lovely Diane.  So incredibly nice, welcoming, patient and knowledgeable!  DSC_0668 Delicious Mexican food.DSC_0670Working in the hotel room on a pattern that will be available here soon!  Stay tuned!


Alabama Chanin Weekend Workshop- Part 2

AC1 These adorable friends were so GOOD!  I wish I had gotten a picture of their traveling companion, the lovely Peggy.AC2So many beautiful colors.
DSC_0659 Natalie is the nicest, most generous person.  Such a pleasure to hear her speak.  Her knowledge of every aspect of what makes up her business (down to the way cotton grows) is amazing.  She is so inspiring!DSC_0662 DSC_0663 The food was delicious.  So so good.  Seriously.DSC_0665

Getting My Softie-making Ducks in a Row

Okay, the title may be a bit misleading.  I’m not making any ducks – at the moment – but I am getting myself organized and taking things slow with this new softie ‘relationship’.

Usually, with crafty stuff, I just dive right in.  Sure, sometimes the directions get a glance over, but not always.  Because I’ve usually stuck with things I’m comfortable with – things that I can (somewhat) figure out on my own or at least fake and make up as I go to my own satisfaction.

Softies and stuffed animals intimidate me… that’s why it’s taken me so long to actually even try to make some.  So, I feel like I need to get organized here.

softie starting

Along with the intimidation was the ready excuse that I didn’t have enough time, because I’d see a pattern in a book I’d like to try, but then I’d have to copy or trace the pattern and get it all cut out and on and on the excuses went.  Well, I took care of the first step the other night.  I went through these three books from my shelf and traced ALL the projects I wanted to make.


On the same page I jotted down the book it came from, the title of the project and the page it was on so all the info will be there for me when I get to it!

softie binder

Then I put each pattern in it’s own protective sleeve and put them all together in a binder for easy visibility.

Whew, I feel better already!  Softies – here I come!

Sweetheart Softie

This little lady started off as one of those ideas in my head that I just can’t “shush”.


She’s a very talented dancer and loves to wear her fancy tutu.

sweetheart 1

She bats those big, beautiful eyelashes and all the boy hearts stand up a little straighter, fix their ties and start helping old ladies cross streets!  (she makes them want to be better!)

sweetheart 2

Dance on little Sweetheart!

sweetheart 4

Craft Space and Organization

Here’s a little peek at my crafty room (really the guest room (the table folds up to accommodate an inflatable bed)/office/craft room)!


Table with one side set up for sewing on the machine (which is honestly, not very often!) and the other side set up to cut or sit and draw/paint.


The rolling storage unit, suitcase filled with thrifted material/clothes, my list board – gets the ideas out of the jumble in my head and organized into ‘topics’.


Here’s a closer look at the closet.  The wire drawers are from Ikea.  Each drawer is dedicated to a supply (yarn, fabric, tulle, etc.).  The shoebox tupperware’s stacked on the shelf are all labeled for easy identification.  The other side of the closet is empty so guests can hang their clothes.

What you don’t see in these pictures is the pile of stuff under the window, waiting to find a home!

2 Reasons to Start Sewing Softies

These incredibly adorable bunnies!

Sister bunny.

I used material from a maternity shirt I wore with Eleanor for the lining of the ears. 

Everything else is from my fabulous local craft shop/studio – Homemade.

And brother bunny.

Wyatt loves his red “old girls” (overalls), so even though Alicia doesn’t have patterns for boy clothes yet, I just put something together for him.

The ear liners are from one of my husbands old button-downs.  (Everything else, again, Homemade)

I had way too much fun with this little photo shoot!


These were so SO fun to make!  I enjoyed every bit of it.

I have admired Alicia’s felt ornaments in the past but have never purchased a pattern from her.  When I saw the Maggie Bunny, I knew I had to try my hand at making softies.  And I’m so glad I started with her pattern!  It was clear, easy to understand for a beginner, very detailed and the results are fantastic!  

Pretty handsome siblings, if I do say so myself.