Project Life – sort of…

It struck me, the other week, that we have so many photos on our computer and phones and a few on social media – that we never look at and may not be around for the kiddos to see a few years down the line (what if the computer goes kaput?  And how long is facebook really going to be around??)

So, I decided to go on a quest and print them out and get them into a format that we can enjoy and share them.  I have to admit, it’s a bit overwhelming, but I decided to start now and move forward from here and go back as I can.

I didn’t really want to do the whole scrapbook thing, but I didn’t just want albums with no explanations either.  Enter Project Life.  The binders are cute and the page protectors are exactly what I was looking for, but the ‘core kit’ or all the little papers to journal on, aren’t really us.

Instead we have a mix of other papers I found at Michael’s, as well as papers I had here at home and some plain old kraft paper that I just cut down to size.


I’m using our Ikea divider to store everything for easy access (if it’s not easy, I won’t use it!).  It’s the perfect size!


And I’m really excited about this part – I cut up my big pad of watercolor paper to fit in the slots!  Going to try to do a water color a week and now it will be all ready to go!


All stored and easy to get to.


I dressed up some of the plain kraft paper with Yellow Owl stamps I picked up from Home Made.  SO cute!!


Already got 2 weeks done – wedding album is up next…stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Project Life – sort of…

  1. I wanted to give you a shout out! Good for you. I feel the same way about the photos being on the computer. I started Digital Project Life in June and I’ve gotten all my photos from January to June taken care of. I just uploaded the pages to a cloud for now and I will print them and put into a binder later this year.

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