Making Do and Refashioning Baby Clothes

For the rest of the week I’m going to share some re-fashions I’ve done with Eleanor’s clothes.  So far I’ve done all the re-fashioning by hand, mostly during nap times or on the couch after they little ones go to bed.



A long sleeve polka dot t-shirt and a thrifted purple t-shirt from my stash (a big one – just got it to cut up and use the fabric).

And After!


Cute little cap-sleeved dress.  She did that posing all by herself! 😉

I kept this polka dot shirt because I thought it was so cute even though it’s hot here now and it won’t fit her when it gets colder.  It also didn’t fit over her head, but I just couldn’t part with it.  I’m so glad I kept it!


Here’s the link I used to get the right measurements for the skirt part.  SO helpful!

The sleeves got cut off (just a straight cut from the arm pit, up) and a skirt sewn on to the bottom (I did cut off the hem of the gray shirt to reduce the bulk).  No hem needed on the purple skirt because I was able to just use the bottom hem of the thrifted shirt!  Easy!


I put a little slit in the back of the collar to help it over her head, then added a little button from the stash and a tiny crochet chain loop to close it.

There are no plans on the horizon to finish the raw edges.  It’s already been washed several times and is holding up well.


I think she likes it! 😉


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