Making Do and Refashioning Baby Clothes- Part 3

Once again, no before picture!  Just imagine the shirt with long sleeves and the pants with elastic hem on the bottom of the legs.



The pants could use some finishing on those jagged, raw edges.  They are really cute capri’s now though!  The label says 3-6 mons, but they still fit around the waist and the color goes so well with so many of her clothes they needed to stay in the rotation.  So, I just cut off the tight leg bottoms.


We got this shirt at the Salvation Army on a recent D.C. trip.  It’s so cute, but it was long sleeved and won’t fit her when long sleeve weather rolls around.  I just cut the sleeves off from the arm pit, up.



The raw edges would have been fine, especially with the striped print, you couldn’t really tell that I didn’t cut the straightest line, but I’ve been wanting to add some scallops to something.


For these I just folded the raw edge under about 1/4″ and used perle cotton (embroidery floss that is not separable like the 6 strand floss that comes in mini hanks) to blanket stitch from 1/4″ from the armpit center all the way around to an 1/4″ from the other side of the armpit center.  (Basically, I didn’t do any stitching in the armpit because you won’t be able to see it and it could be uncomfortable for her.)


Then I took a tiny crochet hook (size 7/1.65mm) and made a scallop (single crochet, half double crochet, 2 double crochet, half double crochet, single crochet) in each blanket stitch.


So dainty and cute!  There will definitely be more decorated edges in the future – maybe to finish the hem of these pink pants???



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