Tutorial: How to make a Tutu


This all started with a tutu for my best friend’s daughter and turned into lots of tutus for sale and gifts.  They are so easy, I want to show you how you can make your own!


tutu tutorial supplies

1) Piece of sturdy cardboard cut to size (12″, 10″ or whatever size you want!)

2) Tulle on 6″ wide spools (I got mine from Nashville Wraps because I was making a lot of them and there are so many colors to choose from!  You can find tulle on spools at most craft supply or fabric stores though – usually in the decorations or wedding section)

3) Ribbon (most any will do, but I prefer sturdy grosgrain in the 5/8″ size)

4) Scissors

5) Fray Check (Optional- I use this on the ends of the ribbon to make sure they don’t fray with use)

Are you ready?  Here we go!


Here’s my piece of cardboard.  The long side is 12″.  You could use this to make a skirt that is 12″ long or 6″ long.  We’ll explain how that works a little further down…DSC_0061

Tulle and the cardboard, ready to wrap.


My little helper checking to make sure I’m doing it right. 😉

Wrap the tulle around the cardboard.  For a baby size tutu that is 6″ long, I generally use right around 25 yards of tulle.  If it’s longer (say, 12″) you’ll need more tulle.  For bigger sizes, you’ll obviously need more tulle.  I would suggest getting one more spool than you think necessary, just to be sure.  There are lots of fun ways to use the left overs!


Normally I would wrap the whole spool around the cardboard.  Here I just wrapped a little for these pictures.

Cutting the tulle off the cardboard.  If I were making a 12″ long skirt, I would just cut one end (as shown below).  This gives me a whole bunch of pieces all cut to 12″ – easy!

If I was making a 6″ skirt, I would cut the tulle off both short ends of the cardboard.  In this case, I would have a whole bunch of 6″ pieces all cut to size and ready to go.


I’m switching up colors now so you can see everything better.  Normally I would use white ribbon, but that’s just me.  This pink is super cute!

This little demo is made with 6″ pieces of tulle and a tiny piece of ribbon.  Measure the little lady you are making your tutu for to get the base size and then double it.  Then you’ll have plenty of ribbon for a big beautiful bow when you tie it on!


Alright, here we got with the actual tutu making.

I start by folding the ribbon in half and put the first piece of tulle there, then work to the right.  Once I’ve put a bit on the right, I go back and work from the center to the left, keeping it all centered on the ribbon.

Taking one piece of tulle, fold it in half so the cut edges are even.


Holding the tulle in one hand and the ribbon in the other, put the tulle under the ribbon with the cut edges away from you.


Pull the cut edges through the loop that is closest to you – enclosing the ribbon in the tulle.  (The next few pictures demonstrate)

DSC_0069 DSC_0070 DSC_0071 DSC_0072

Pull tight.

DSC_0073 DSC_0074

And even tighter!


One down- a whole bunch to go!  It actually goes very quickly and the repetitive motions are very relaxing.


As you wrap the tulle on, make sure everything is tight and close together.

Finish by putting a nice end on the ribbon and sealing it with Fray Check.

Here are some finished ones so you can get a better idea of what they look like when they’re all put together.

DSC_0437 DSC_0046

You did it!  Hooray!  Enjoy and let me know how it went!

(Big thank you and photo props to my husband!)


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