Pegboard is almost complete!

pegboard collageI have a Ta-Dah for you today!  The pegboard!!!  It just needs a few little shelves to hold paint and patterns and then it will be complete.

the plansHere are the plans – by my wonderful husband.  Drawn on a 2 x 4, of course. 😉


workin' menThe fellas are working hard!

boardOne panel complete!  The whole thing is 4′ x 6′ – made up of three 2′ x 4′ sections.

paintingWyatt helped me paint the trim.  So glad the hubs suggested we paint it – I really like the accent it gives.

on the wall

Late night hanging session.

in progress

Mid-way through operation ‘out of drawers and onto pegboard’.

almost thereChanged the orientation of the table, added a chair I rescued after Hurricane Sandy and just now got around to painting (matches the pegboard!).  Still have some work to do, but it’s so much better than it was and I LOVE the organization of the pegboard.  Waaaay more than I was expecting to even!  I will have a final Ta-Dah and go through each section of the board once it’s finished.  Until then…

thanks love!THANK YOU Handsome!  You’re the best!  😉


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