Catching up a little…



It seems like an explanation of everything that’s happened over the last month and some would just be too much, so here are some random pictures!  There are more I need to download from my phone, and when that will happen…who knows!IMG_3905


A few cards – these will be for sale along with a BUNCH of other stuff at a sale this weekend!



Costume for a friend’s son – he was super cute!

IMG_3987Wait, is that our house???  A clean island???  Yep.  Had to take a picture to document this rare occurrence!




More costumes, for my best friends girls.  They looked SO cute at little Rockford Peaches! (If you don’t get the reference, it’s from A League of Their Own).







Some pumpkin patch fun!



Baby hat for a friend’s photography business.  Really cute photo prop!  Pattern can be found here: Oodles-4-Noodles.



Fun, sneaky learning games with ‘pumpkin day’ colored pom poms!  Wyatt referred to Halloween this year, as Pumpkin Day after reading It’s Pumpkin Day Mouse!



And I did make a costume for my child as well!  He was Buddy the dinosaur from Dinosaur Train.  He liked it and wore it several times – I was so glad – he refused to wear his costume last year.

That’s all for now.  More soon…hopefully!  Blessings!



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