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It all started three years ago, when I was pregnant with our son.  Well, actually, I’ve been ‘making things’ just as far back as I can remember and have wanted to sell said, ‘things’, for almost as long.  I thought blogging would be a good way to share and be a part of the amazing hand-made community of the internet.

When it was time for maternity leave to have my son, it was a definite crossroads in my life. I knew if I wanted to start a shop and blog, I better do it soon because our life was going to change once that little guy arrived.  It was then called Sunrise Folk and I mostly made aprons and hair accessories from up-cycled materials and clothes.
As life does, time goes by and things change. I wanted the name to reflect more of my beliefs and what I’m about, so it became The Imperfectionary (after brainstorming with my best friend Teresa – thanks Teresa for the awesome name!).  That’s the thing with handmade items, truly handmade – they are imperfect and there is beauty in that.  I’m also not perfect, though I was made by a perfect God, in His image – He loves me still and that continues to amaze me.
Things are still changing (we had a little girl a year ago and we’ve moved several times), but I think someday (maybe even someday soon) I’ll figure out what I want to ‘do’ when I grow up.
Thanks for the visit!


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