New Pattern!

Hello Strangers!  (Or maybe I’ve been the stranger?  Anyway…)

Mountain Lake Scene cover 1

I’ve got a new pattern!  Available on Craftsy and Etsy as a digital download!

I’m very excited because I’m finally making patterns the way I’ve always wanted to but was too afraid to try – by hand!  Hand drawn, lettered and embellished – by me – all with simple tools like pens and paper!  A novel idea, right?  Doing something by hand! (That then becomes a digital download…but still, it’s about the best way I can figure out to do it for now!).

Supply page1-001

Now that I’ve got one under my belt, I think more are soon to follow.  Taking the computer out of the process means I’m ENJOYING it SO much and just want to keep going!!!  Yay!

Happy New Year!

Blessings – Daphne


Crayon Pouch Tutorial





Sharing over at Military One Click today! fancy pants

Do ever feel like one of “those moms”?  The ones that are always pulled together.  They always have a diaper bag with them filled with diapers, extra clothes, bottles, a snack and maybe even some entertainment for older kids?  I usually don’t feel like those moms.  It seems very basic but even after 3 years of carting around baby stuff, I seem to frequently forget the diaper bag.  Or if I do have it, it somehow doesn’t have any diapers in it, let alone extra clothes or entertainment.  Is anyone else like this, or is it just me?

Well, we went to lunch a few weeks ago, and when we walked in the hostess handed my son a packet of crayons and a paper to color.  A light bulb went off.  Why don’t I have crayons in the diaper bag for occasions like this?  Because they would be loose and probably fall out and be lost forever or melt all over the car.  So, here is my solution.  A crayon pouch!

heart crayon 1

Supplies Needed:


1) piece of wool felt (10″ x 4″)

2) embroidery floss or thread to match felt

3) needle (or sewing machine)

4) scissors

5) hair tie

6) 4 crayons in your kiddos favorite colors!

7) marking pen (this one is specially made for fabric but a regular pencil or colored pencil would also work)

8) ruler

A note: If you’re doing this by hand (which I highly encourage!), lets leave our ‘perfectionist selves’ at the door, ok?  Handmade is imperfect and that is a Beautiful thing – and all the more special for the little one you are making it for.

Let’s get started!

step 1

1) Fold up bottom edge of felt about 2 1/2″.

step 2

2) Mark 1/4″ from the left and right edges.  Then mark a line 7/8″ from the left mark, then 7/8″ from the right line and then one in the middle of those (7/8″ from each line).  Hopefully the picture will help make sense of all these words!

step 3

3) Sew up these lines (from the folded edge up) with a running stitch.  Start with the middle line and work out to the edges.

step 4

4) When you get to the top of each line (the edge of the fold) be sure to go over the edge with a stitch to hold it down.

step 7

5) You can trim the top (un-sewn half) with pinking shears or regular scissors if you’d like.

step 8

6) Position the hair tie on the middle sewing line on the back of the pouch.  Tack it down to this line of stitching with several stitches.

step 9

7) Add any ‘flair’ to the front flap you’d like.

8) Insert crayons.  Wrap hair tie around pouch to secure.

with crayons


Ta Da!  You did it!  Now, just don’t forget it the next time you’re heading out to dinner. 🙂

Making Do and Refashioning Baby Clothes – Part 4

We’re finishing off the week with assorted mending/re-fashions of Eleanor’s clothes.


These brown pants had a decent sized hole in the knee.  After a quick running stitch and cute heart cut from a scrap shirt – ta da!  Super cute, wearable pants!


This dress is still a bit big for her.  The gray shirt was a hand-me down from Wyatt and it just seemed so boy.  I cut the bottom hem off to reduce bulk, and added a yellow skirt (the same way I did here).  A bit more girly now!

Thanks for coming along this week on all these refashioning adventures!  What are YOU refashioning these days??

Making Do and Refashioning Baby Clothes- Part 3

Once again, no before picture!  Just imagine the shirt with long sleeves and the pants with elastic hem on the bottom of the legs.



The pants could use some finishing on those jagged, raw edges.  They are really cute capri’s now though!  The label says 3-6 mons, but they still fit around the waist and the color goes so well with so many of her clothes they needed to stay in the rotation.  So, I just cut off the tight leg bottoms.


We got this shirt at the Salvation Army on a recent D.C. trip.  It’s so cute, but it was long sleeved and won’t fit her when long sleeve weather rolls around.  I just cut the sleeves off from the arm pit, up.



The raw edges would have been fine, especially with the striped print, you couldn’t really tell that I didn’t cut the straightest line, but I’ve been wanting to add some scallops to something.


For these I just folded the raw edge under about 1/4″ and used perle cotton (embroidery floss that is not separable like the 6 strand floss that comes in mini hanks) to blanket stitch from 1/4″ from the armpit center all the way around to an 1/4″ from the other side of the armpit center.  (Basically, I didn’t do any stitching in the armpit because you won’t be able to see it and it could be uncomfortable for her.)


Then I took a tiny crochet hook (size 7/1.65mm) and made a scallop (single crochet, half double crochet, 2 double crochet, half double crochet, single crochet) in each blanket stitch.


So dainty and cute!  There will definitely be more decorated edges in the future – maybe to finish the hem of these pink pants???


Making do and Refashioning Baby Clothes- Part 2

This idea came from something I’d seen on twins a year or so ago.

I don’t have a before, but here is why I put the skirt on – a big stain on the front.  This onsie was actually Wyatt’s!

And after:


It’s really cute – but the skirt is not sewn on straight.  There’s really no excuse – there are dots I could have followed!  Oh well, she moves so much and so fast you don’t really notice and it’s a wearable piece now that she’ll probably outgrow in no time!

Making Do and Refashioning Baby Clothes

For the rest of the week I’m going to share some re-fashions I’ve done with Eleanor’s clothes.  So far I’ve done all the re-fashioning by hand, mostly during nap times or on the couch after they little ones go to bed.



A long sleeve polka dot t-shirt and a thrifted purple t-shirt from my stash (a big one – just got it to cut up and use the fabric).

And After!


Cute little cap-sleeved dress.  She did that posing all by herself! 😉

I kept this polka dot shirt because I thought it was so cute even though it’s hot here now and it won’t fit her when it gets colder.  It also didn’t fit over her head, but I just couldn’t part with it.  I’m so glad I kept it!


Here’s the link I used to get the right measurements for the skirt part.  SO helpful!

The sleeves got cut off (just a straight cut from the arm pit, up) and a skirt sewn on to the bottom (I did cut off the hem of the gray shirt to reduce the bulk).  No hem needed on the purple skirt because I was able to just use the bottom hem of the thrifted shirt!  Easy!


I put a little slit in the back of the collar to help it over her head, then added a little button from the stash and a tiny crochet chain loop to close it.

There are no plans on the horizon to finish the raw edges.  It’s already been washed several times and is holding up well.


I think she likes it! 😉

I’m making a pattern!

Hey there!  I am so excited guys – I am finishing up my first pattern!  Woot woot!!  It’s for this little guy:



He’s kind of my test run – I’ve got more patterns in the queue and hope to have them ready soon.  I’ll let you know when this one hits my Etsy shop and Craftsy, but for now, if you’re totally smitten with the little guy in the picture, he’s available in the shop!