Happy Mail!



It is so fun to receive mail from other creative ladies!  Pretty packaging really makes me happy and if it’s a purchased item I am waaaaay more likely to go back to that seller.  It’s something I do with my Etsy shop sales as well.

This bundle of lovely came in an order I made from Michelle Wooderson of Mish Mash.




Lots of raw materials to play with!  So excited!


Craft Space and Organization

Here’s a little peek at my crafty room (really the guest room (the table folds up to accommodate an inflatable bed)/office/craft room)!


Table with one side set up for sewing on the machine (which is honestly, not very often!) and the other side set up to cut or sit and draw/paint.


The rolling storage unit, suitcase filled with thrifted material/clothes, my list board – gets the ideas out of the jumble in my head and organized into ‘topics’.


Here’s a closer look at the closet.  The wire drawers are from Ikea.  Each drawer is dedicated to a supply (yarn, fabric, tulle, etc.).  The shoebox tupperware’s stacked on the shelf are all labeled for easy identification.  The other side of the closet is empty so guests can hang their clothes.

What you don’t see in these pictures is the pile of stuff under the window, waiting to find a home!